Has anyone applied to Cols State LPN? (spring '07)

  1. I applied in August for the Spring '07 start for the PN at CSCC. For all those who applied, Has anyone heard back yet regarding admittance? I am stalking the mailman
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  3. by   nursekelly2007
    I am in the LPN program currently at CS and will graduate in June. I do not know the answer to your question but I can tell you I started in fall 2005 and did not recieve my acceptance letter until the day I registered for fall classes. This was about 5 weeks before fall classes actually started. I hope they have picked up the pace a little since then but judging from the program itself I doubt it.
  4. by   pnhopeful
    Thanks for the reply! Wow, can't believe they did not send out letters until fall registration time! They keep telling me that they are sending the letters by such and such date, but the letters never get sent. Bizzare Are you finding problems within the program as well??? Thanks for any info!
  5. by   nursekelly2007
    It is an acceptable program but it has a lack of communication with students and is disorganized.
  6. by   futurepeds
    Just want to tell you good luck. I start in the Spring for the other program. Let us know when you hear. I hated that time of waiting.