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  1. I just received my preceptor placement for my final clinical of my BSN program at UT. I'm on the oncology floor at Flower and oncology is what I want to do so I am wayyyy excited!!

    However, as a senior, I've been looking around at job openings in the area and there are currently 3 FULL TIME, DAY SHIFT openings for RNs. Good for employment...but is this maybe a red flag?? I've really thought about applying there because its known for its cancer center so I'm thinking it is a good thing I'm getting to precept there to check it out first. Has anyone heard anything about working there and possibly why there are so many openings right now? Thanks!!
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  3. by   hotshot05
    This is a new year, new budget/money available, that is why there are so many job openings, openings that have finally been approved.
    you are precepting on the oncology med/surg floor? It is a good floor, the prestige of the hickman cancer center is not really connected with the med/surg floor though.