Dublin Methodist

  1. Just submitted my resume a couple days ago for a Staff RN position as Dublin Methodist, I graduate June 12th. Just wondering if anyone from here works there? I've heard they don't hire new grads That's where I really want to work and I have my fingers crossed to even get an interview.
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  3. by   foreverLaur
    Dublin Methodist is an amazing hospital. I worked at another OhioHealth hospital and everyone always dreamed about being able to work at Dublin Methodist. It is true they aren't hiring a lot of new grads. Have you looked into an internship program? You will need to apply to EVERY open staff RN position and keep at it. Make sure your resume/portfolio has been reviewed by a professional. Follow up with HR to show your interest. Make sure you have an outstanding cover letter and potential LORs from nurse managers / clinical instructors.
  4. by   wildflower0205
    I'm applying to Ohio Health right now too (not Dublin though so you don't have to worry about me as competition However, I'm having trouble trying to navigate the application process. When you applied, did you upload your resume as well as add your work history and education to your application? It seems redundant since it's on your resume and wanted to know if I needed to add these things or not. Hope you understand what I'm asking.