CSCC LPN Program for Fall 07?

  1. Hi,

    Is there anyone else out there who recently applied to the LPN program @ Columbus State? I am hoping for to start fall of 07 but I have not heard anything yet from admissions.
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  3. by   Miss Ivy
    I graduated from the program in December. It is a good one. The instructors are all pretty nice and when you graduate, you will know what you need to to pass the NCLEX. Columbus State has a great pass rate. Also, may I give you a suggestion? As you go thru the program...NETWORK as you go. Tell EVERYONE that you are going to school to become a nurse. Network as you do your clinicals and let any Director of Nursing know if you are interested in working there when you are done. Make them remember you! (For good things!) When I graduated, I had 2 offers before I even tested. I got a job right away. Good luck!
  4. by   adeem22
    Hi to everyone!

    I just spoke to the the LPN admissions dept. @ CSCC and I AM in the program for fall of 07. I was told they would be mailing out official notifications by the end of this week. Hooray!!!!