Cleveland Clinic strength test

  1. New grad here. I have an offer from the Cleveland Clinic to work in my dream unit.

    I'm a little concerned, though, about the strength test. I will admit I'm not in great shape, but I am generally strong. I have a farm and regularly throw around hay bales (40-50 pounds) and feed bags (50-60 pounds) by myself. I do have an old shoulder injury from years ago, but it usually doesn't bother me.

    However, I don't want to lose this job over something like this. How much is passing? Does anyone know? What fails you?
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  3. by   sandy022
    I just did this a few weeks ago and am working in the NICU at main campus. The strength test 'amount' is detmined by your body weight and then it is done on an isokinetic machine using resistance. It is really nerve wracking not have a set amount to lift or something like that, but you will be fine!
  4. by   RHC81
    Thanks for replying, Sandy. I have my dream job in one of the ICUs, but I am a little nervous about this. Do you know what percentage? Especially nervous because I put on a few pounds in nursing school!
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