Christ College Nursing & Health Sciences

  1. Does anyone have detailed, even present events, past alum stories on the Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences school, detailed info on the school, life style of the school, class structure? I am just thinking applying there and I would really like to try recieve some more information on it. I want to start nursing school and I have heard it a good one.
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  3. by   healthlink
    I too am thinking of applying for the fall 2007. Have you attended one of their information sessions. They hold them monthly. Very informative. I would love to talk to the students that attend this school as well.
  4. by   Ophelia78
    I'm an alumni- if you have any questions feel free to private message me
  5. by   grechi2009
    would like to know anything about the christ college of nursing just got accepted
  6. by   SweetNSassyRN2B
    Hands down... AWESOME school...

    Feel free to PM me with any specific questions ya have

  7. by   healthlink
    I love the college. I could give you some pointers if you private email me. First it depends on your age on the advice I could give. Give me some background like if you are straight from high school or have some college credits that transfer. etc.