Akron/Canton Nursing Schools?

  1. Hi All -

    I need your advice please! I currently have a BS in Chemistry and have been working in the field for 4 years. At this point, I've realized it's not for me. I would really like to pursue a nursing degree (deep down what I've always wanted to do), but I'm not sure where to start. I've been doing some research online, but before I start calling schools, I thought I'd see what info I can get here!

    Are there any accelerated programs in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland area that are part time?? Unfortunately, I still need to work while I attend school! Or does anyone have experience with on-line degrees? Since I have a BS already - I'm not sure what type of nursing degree would make the most sense to pursue?

    Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   nurse4forever
    AU and Kent State both have accelerated BSN program for those who already have a Bachelor degree. You should call the school of nursing and get more info.