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So I live in NWI I have applied at many md's office. I have 20 years experience. The most a md office was willing to pay was $22/hr. Now Chicago pays in mid to upper $30 for there outpatient/office nurses at the major hospitals. I ended up taking a job in SB for the $30. Is it really unexpected of me to expect at least in the upper $20's? I realize a md  office is a different pace/Skill of nursing, not easier, just different. So I can understand a little difference in pay. But really the $20 an hour was a slap in the face. I honestly can not believe nurses would accept it. It wasn't just settle patients and make appts. Two of the jobs were working for an asthma allergy doctor, where you do allergy testing and mixing the serum, and other respiratory stuff. I have worked in the ER in level 1 trauma, I don't expect the $42/hr I was making there. But less then half, seriously.

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