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Offered a nurse recruiting position


I would just like some insight from those who are or who have been a nurse recruiter. I have a decent background, GI/ENDO, med surg, CVICU and have a pretty good foundation in nursing. I have had some recent "life events" if you will, that have caused me to look for a more "routine" position and so I applied for a RN recruiter position. They are looking to interview me next week. I have also interviewed for a PT PACU position. I think both would be a good fit for me but I know less about recruiting and have read some not so favorable comments about recruiters on this site. Are there any recruiters out there who would like to give me the down and dirty regarding schedules, how they actually acquire nurses names, and if they document at home because there isn't enough time to do it at work. You know,,what a recruiter really does and what is expected of them. What time you usually get off vs. what time they tell you that you get off and etc..thanks in advance!

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