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Offered a job as Home health Marketer

Hello All,

I have recently been offered a job as a home health marketer for the company i have been working for as an LVN the past 4 years. The current marketer for the area ill be assuming is leaving and going to a competitor start up home care agency. I know this is going to pose a problem with our current referring locations as she will certainly attempt to take them with her. However, I have been offered a very competitive salary w/ incentives. I am asking for others opinions on this current situation as i am new to marketing in home health but not new to sales as i have several years experience with sales. i was hoping someone with experience in the field would have incite on my situation and advice on taking or turning the position down. Thank you :)

Give it a try! Nothing venture, nothing win. Your employer seems to think you have the ability. You still have your LVN to fall back on if it doesn't work for you.


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