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ODU or Hampton University

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Has anyone else applied to ODU or Hamptons nursing programs? I've applied to both but I am doubtful that I will get in. My GPA is 3.1.

I'm surprised there aren't more men on here who have applied to ODU or Hampton University


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Hi Kevin,

Though your post is a bit old, I applied to HU last year as a nursing major, for Fall 2008. I have a B.S. in another field, with a GPA of 3.0. I was accepted.

I didn't end up attending for a couple reasons, cost being one of them...

Good luck!

Hi doulagirl,

I am interested in Hampton's Accelerated BSN Program. I've looked on their website and I can't find much information on the program though. The only thing I have found is the curriculum. Do you know what the prereqs are or any admissions criteria?

I have not made it into RN yet for TCC but I will be attempting to transfer to ODU after my ADN.... good luck....

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