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October CRNE study group


Hello everyone!

I'm trying to form a CRNE study group for October exam, anyone who would like to join please msg me!

I'm living in Mississauga area.



I am in the Scarborough region looking for a study partner/group as well.

I live in Downtown Toronto, am looking for a study group. I am able for studying 5 days/week.

E-mail me if you are interested, janeking714@hotmail.com

Have lots of materials to share with you and this will be my second time attempts.


I need a study buddy as well. This will be my second attempt as well. I don't even know where to start. I'm planning to take course but I'm contemplating about it because it's so expensive

Hello Jane,

I am available aug 12 till . Looking if your interested please email me at aminamahmoud3@gmail.com. Looking at north york fairview library. I am able for studying 5 days/week.

Best regards

I live Scarbrough. Can i join your group?


Can I join your group.I study very hard and many materials to share .I am not first time writer and have experience.

Thank you