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occupational health screening

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hi everyone, ive just been offered place at salford uni and manchester uni, i was just wondering what exactly is an occupational health check/screening .

if anyone has had theres could you please let me know!!

worried there gonna be jabbing and poking me with all sorts , so need to know if nice underwear is required or my usual grey baggy ones will do ha ha.

any help really appriciated!!

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Hello and congrats on gaining a place at uni! Occy health screening varies from uni to uni most involve a questionaire (Sp?) then a meeting with the occy health nurse if there are no major concerns from the answers given on the questionaire then they might only have to take blood to check your immunity to various things i.e. varicella they will also commence your Hep B immunistaion course (3 injections and a blood test if my memory serves). Hope this is of some help and congrats again!

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