Where do I start?

  1. Hi, My husband and I started a factory (Aluminum Extrusion Plant) that employees 51 people. I will have my ADN is less than 5 months and will become the company's OHN. We are in the state of Iowa. Where do I start? What is the first step I need to do ? I'd like to get things set up, especially since my office is currently being built. Also, If it takes me awhile to pass the NCLEX-RN can I be an OCH on my LPN license?
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  3. by   H60Medic
    Wow! Good luck, which will come from good planning. I would find a local Doc that is knowledgable in Occ Health. You want one that will work with you and your company. Obviously the AAOHN site will be a good place to obtain info. You may have to get into OSHA requirements based upon company size also. As far as working as a OHN as a LPN, check with state board. I know some states specifically disallow it without RN supervision on site. Work with your company's insurance carrier, they should be able to provide some help also with regards to documentation and on site requirments.
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    Thank you for the advice! :kiss Sounds like I have a long haul ahead of me! I'm excited though!