Outside prescriptions

  1. How many OH nurses give treatments on orders from outside prescribers?

    The law in France states that an OH nurse is not limited to prescriptions from the OH doctor. If the organisation agrees (and the one I work for does) employees can bring outside prscriptions to the OH nurse for medications, vaccinations, dressings, blood tests etc. hence this is part of my routine work. I am effectively both an occupational health nurse and an "infirmier libéral" ("liberal nurse" is the direct term, but I suppose "independent nurse". The French "infirmier libéral" doesn't really exist in the UK where I'm from, so I don't really know how you'd translate this) as well.

    How common is this? Do OH nurses in other countries take on this more general role as well?
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  3. by   dkara
    I too would consider myself "independent" as I am the only nurse on site and the Medical Director, whom I work under, is in an office across town. I can also follow the orders of employees primary physicians but will make certain the Medical Director is aware of it first.