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  1. Is an OHST unnecessary or redundant for a career as an Occupational Health Nurse?

    I am currently taking classes for a degree in Environmental Health & Safety, and plan to obtain an OHST, but my long-term goal is to become a Certified Occupational Health Nurse.

    After researching in a few places, it seems like experience as an OHST in my current industry could expose me to some of the same (non-nursing) responsibilities I would have as a COHN.

    In my mind, going for the OHST first would provide necessary exposure hours and experience, a good knowledge base of the industry I'm interested in, along with time to save and plan for nursing school. Does this seem like the long way around? Does it seem superfluous? Should I try to become a nurse before pursuing a safety credential?

    I realize quite a few experienced OHNs hold a CSP as well, but I don't know which came first!
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