Occ Health or School Nursing?

  1. I have been a school nurse for 1 year. I love the kids and staff, enjoy the opportunities to provide education, and love the schedule.

    I have an opportunity to join the Occ Health/Emp Health department of the hospital through which I am contracted as a school nurse. Schedule and $ aside, what would you consider if making this choice? Pros/Cons of OHN?

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  3. by   MHDNURSE
    I think the biggest difference is in the Occupational Health job, you won't have any interaction with kids anymore, so if you absolutely love working with kids, that would be a major factor in your decision right there. Is there a big difference in the pay and the hours? If so, how important is that to you? I know for me, I love that my current job in my school allows me to come in at 9am and I leave at 1:30. I am able to get my kids off to school in the morning and pick them up. The pay is pretty abysmal, but the job is pretty relaxed, I love everyone I work with (most days- lol) and it allows me to still be available for my family.
  4. by   Vkassam
    I agree.OHN can have a tight schedule too, plus you'll be sitting sll day if your dealing with done employees exposuresir outbreak..