Is there anyone who can explain to me how occupational health workers works in Us?

  1. Helo!

    I am now working in a big hospital as a occupationa nurse at work, and most of my time go I am occupied with vaccination, Hep a, b, preventing tetanus, difteri, give information about Hiv and how to preventk and folllow up peapel who has got needle- injurei. I am curius who other in the same field do theire gob, wthat are they focusing on? I also have a lot of follow up empoyees with many days off work becaue of illnesses. I would apperciate if some could share their experience- and maybee get some tips!! I am not an expert....
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    I am working at an Oil Refinery as an Occupational Nurse. We have approximately 236 employees. My primary responsibility is worker safety. I respond to any incidents, perform First Aid as needed. I administer injections, perform audiometric testing, pulmonary function testing, blood draws, vision screenings, whatever is necessary. I work under the direction of a physician who is not on site but is our Medical Director. I work along side of the plant Fire Brigade and we also have EMT's, and First Responders. It is a very enjoyable position and a first for me and the plant as well. They have never had a nurse on site so it has been quite an experience!!!