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  1. I have an interview for the position at a large chicken factory in the local town. I have a rather full nursing history, I have worked ICU, ER and correctional along with years of high level management. But I have never worked at a factory. It sounds like a good job and I like the idea of a new challage. I did do some QA,UR,officer training, took a 3 day course in case management several years ago. So I wonder what would be my strong points. they preferred a CONH,but are still giving me an interview. I would be willing to cut a deal that they give me the job and as soon as i get enough hours I'll take the exam. I have been certifed in many other nursing specialities. So my background should be a positive in my behalf. any suggestions?
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    Do you have any idea what the job duties will be? I work with our hospital's occ health group, which contracts out to local businesses and industries. I have found that each business has very different occ health nursing needs. Your ER experience will be a big asset, regardless.