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  1. Hi, I am an RN at a large automotive plant, Our medical staff is around 100, including 34 nurses. Of those only a very few have their COHN. I received my CCM last year and really want to begin to study for COHN. I have ordered the mometrix study guide and the AAOHN core curriculum. When I ask my coworkers about the test all I am told us either "I barely passed" or " I failed twice" and feel discouraged. I felt the CCM test was relatively easy, but this test scares me.

    What tips or advice do you have for me? Any other resources you would recommend? ( Datachem cd is out of my price range right now)Thanks!
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  3. by   occrn21
    I took and passed the exam in '13. I used the Datachem CD and the format of the practice questions were not like the test itself. I would describe each question as a scenario, very similar to the questions on NCLEX. The study materials you mentioned are good to help build a foundation. Be prepared to answer questions that are scenario based and require critical thinking.