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Hey yall!

our deadline for occc was 1 week ago so we are still in the 2-4 week range of knowing. anyone else dying? what did you guys enter with?

I applied with 15 pref points and 3.492 GPA. Since they took the 3 classes out I lost 3 points!!

what about everyone else?

Hey! I applied with 15 points as well with a 2.8 GPA I believe.

Hey! I applied with 19 points and 3.6 GPA. Getting really anxious! Tomorrow marks the 3 week point. I was reading some of the forums on here from Spring 2015 and Fall 2014 and it seems as though they got their letters shortly after the 3 week mark for Fall 2015 and shortly after the 4 week mark for Spring 205. So we may be hearing very soon!