Obligatory "finished NCLEX in 75q" post


So, I took the NCLEX this morning and I was out in 75q in 90 mins. During the exam I just had a feeling it would shut off at 75 when I got in the 60s and saw the questions just felt at about the same difficulty. I felt okay walking out but I'm worried because of the mentality that people who felt like it was easy tend to fail. I didn't think it was easy; it was challenging. But it wasn't the hardest test I've ever taken in my life. I mean, in some ways it was since I had more SATA than multiple choice (started like that right out of the gate). And I know SATA doesn't = higher level. It's just a format. A lot of people say they feel like they were guessing the whole time. My issue is I got slammed with SATA, so it wasn't like I didn't know the answer at all, it was just that there was always that one checkbox where you wanted to slam your head on the table because it could be either right or wrong. But there were some multiple choice ones I definitely felt like I guessed. This includes my last question which was a priority one.

I know, there's no way to know so I should just do something fun. I guess I'm trying to find out if this feeling of not feeling terrible after 75q is common?



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I was confident I passed after I took it. 75 questions, 1 hr and 15 minutes. I wasn't arrogant or cocky about it (not that you are either) and realistic that I could have failed just as well, but I was calm and confident.


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I was freaking out about everything back then. I did pass though! But I just had all of these expectations about what to think and feel and assumed the worst since my experience was different. I basically knew I passed but didn't want to get my hopes up, then it kept eating away until I convinced myself I failed.



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hey so did u pass the test?



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I was confident I passed at 75. I had 12 SATA where some say they had half SATA. I think SATA had nothing to do with the level of difficulty. Most of the SATA were fairly easy to depict the wrong answer from the right. I took my time, 2-3 mins on every question to ensure I had picked the most absolute correct answer I can possibly choose. My last question was a skill sequence question and found it to be super easy! I was actually surprised about how easy the skill was. If that was considered high level, I was really lucky lol!

This was my second attempt at this and if you asked me what I did differently... I remained calm and really read the questions and their answers. I credit that taking my time helped me pass!

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