where to work in boston, ma area

  1. thinking of relocating to the boston area in january. would take a travel assignment with a company I previously worked for. what hospitals do you recommend for L&D? also where are the best places to live for commuting to the city? thanks!!
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  3. by   PennyLane
    I can't comment on the hospitals in the area, but in terms of commuting, you're in luck because Boston has a great public transportation system. Cambridge is beautiful and you can find affordable places if you look. Somerville is just north of Cambridge, and a lot of students and young people live in that area. Both are on T lines, and good places to live. I'd recommend starting to look in those places.

    I lived in Brighton, which is west of downtown, but still part of Boston proper. Allston is nearby but is a little louder and full of college kids, since it's near BU. The only bad thing about Brighton is there is no T stop out there, so you'd have to drive or take a bus to the T.

    PM me if you want more info on specific areas.