Transfer of college credits?

  1. I cannot wait to start nursing school! I am very fascinated with L/D. Anyway, my situation is that one year from now we will be moving and I want to not waste this year away so I am currently registering at the University where I live now in prerequisite courses I will need for the nursing program where will be moving. Anyway, I am very concerned that some courses here do not have the exact same titles. Am I wasting my time and MONEY or are universities usually good about accepting transfer credits? One more thing, I already have taken some courses required during the nursing program itself--is this a good thing?! I hope so!! Thanks!!
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  3. by   caroleann
    Do you know where you will be taking your nursing courses when you move? If so, you should be able to contact a counselor in the enrollment office and find out exactly what courses transfer and what type of credit you will get for them. It is smart to be thinking about this in advance and to check in to it because there ARE some schools that don't accept certain courses for transfer. Good luck to you! Carole
  4. by   jeannel
    Thanks, guys!! I will start on that right away!!!