The Sex Police - page 5

We have been having a spell of patients having sex on our High Risk OB unit.:nono: We had a 15 yr old do it in the shower with her boyfriend. It didn't help that she was srom with twins and ptl. Then... Read More

  1. by   Hueysmom
    I don't know if anyone else agrees with me that this is abusive and coercive behavior on the part of the boyfriend. I think it is a way of establishing his authority over the girl, by getting her to " disobey" authority and what she has been told needs to be done to have a healthy pregnancy until the delivery. This is abusive and she is a minor and social services should be involved. She is emancipated but who is her advocate. Sometimes the " boyfriend" won't leave as then we might intervene and get her some help. She may feel she needs to do this to keep him. We are dealing with 15 yo immaturity with a little of rebellious put in.

    I have seen sex also and in most situations, it was not in a healthy relationship and most of the time it was abusive.

    Normal healthy adults can set boundaries, but we should help those that are most vulnerable and in vulerable positions. JMHO
  2. by   GiantHeart21
    This whole thing is just really crazy...... But all I can really think of is all the MRSA floating on the surfaces in that room UGH GROSS hello people hospital ir really really not the place you wanna do things like that....
  3. by   Nefertari1279
    L&D would be the last place I would want to have sex, lol I would hate to walk in on something like that.

    When my best friend Kim had her son 7 yrs ago, she told me that orgasms helped her deal with the pain, but she got yelled at by the nurse. Apparently, they weren't having sex, she was just "taking things in her own hands" if you will. I asked her how she could do that in the hosiptal and she said that it wasn't really a sexual thing, just a way to deal with the pain. She said she would rather do that, than expose her baby to drugs.

    I have read about manual stumulation during labor, but I would think that kind of thing is better suited to do at home. LMAO!