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  1. The topic on staff duties for c/s brought up a question we are dealing with regarding staff needed for deliveries. Do you always have 2RN's? Do you do deliveries alone or use unlicenced people?
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  3. by   LAARN
    In the unit that I work in, we are required to have 2 licensed personnel capable of resucitation present on all deliveries. That may mean if it is very busy, that another nurse is present only for the delivery and as soon as the baby crys she darts out of the room. We are an all RN staff, so we set up, clean up and do anything else that is required.
  4. by   Iris in the morning
    We have 2 RNs at the time of delivery, one to tend to Mom and the physician, one for the baby. Since we have LDRs the baby nurse leaves as soon as the baby is stable. We do have non-licensed personnel that assist with Mom as needed post-delivery.