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  1. I'm A L&d Nurse Relocating To Long Island (suffolk County) New York, Any Suggestions On A Good Hospital To Work For? I Was Also Curious About What The Average Hourly Wage Is For Long Island. Thanks
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  3. by   KellNY
    If you're FT, longisland does not pay hourly. It's salaried, unless you're per diem, and in some cases part time.

    You can expect $60-$65k per year full time, more if you have a lot of experience.

    You can also expect to work nights, as most hopital's maternity jobs (incl PP, ante, L&D and NN) have an in house waiting list to slip into days and eves-although most Long Island hospitals have 12hour shifts in OB, not 8. Exception being post partum floors.