Personnel for cesarean birth

  1. Who performs scrub, circulating and first assist roles in your hospital? What type of training do they have. What do they do when there are no c-births. Do they do any other surgeries? We use our maternity technicians to scrub for c-births only. Our L & D nurses circulate and recover. We do 2800 births per year. Thank you.


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  3. by   LAARN
    In my unit, we are an all RN staff so we scrub our own c-sections. The main OR techs do take call for us and sometimes we can call them in if we have time. Our training consisted of a couple of days in the main OR and the rest was on the job training. We did have to get checked off on passing and assisting. We occasionally do cerclages too. We are a small unit and only do 40-50 del per month.
  4. by   ajf
    Our OR nurses scrub and circulate. They have maternal care, we are with the pediatirican to do nursery care. Also a small hospital, 30 births a month. Where I worked before our OB techs scrubbed, we circulated, nursery did baby. The techs also applied monitors, did inital triage paperwork, set delivery tables, stocked etc.