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  1. The nurses at the hospital where I work have recently been discussing trying to unionize. We are fed up with inadequated staffing and extremely poor raises a(1 to 3% of current base pay).

    We would love to hear from any nurses out there who are joined to unions. How do you go about it? What are benifits/downfalls?
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  3. by   lawilk99
    Have worked as a traveler at a hospital that is union and the nurses do seem to like being part of a union because they typically have higher wages and better benefits that non-union workers. However, at this particular facility, the nurses were called off frequently and staffing was bare minimum in L&D. If there were no pts. or only one pt. they would only allow one nurse on the unit. They had some complicated formula that was strictly followed to determine staffing. Observation patients counted as more points than laboring patients. If the patient delivered on the next shift (say at 7:08) that shift got credit for the delivery and all the points even though the previous shift labored the patient all night/day.

    On another note: I'm from Louisiana also. Great to "chat" with another southerner. You would not believe the chiding I get about my accent.

    Have a great weekend!