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  1. Just curious:

    I have a few non-nursing course left to take beginning this upcoming fall semester, assuming I'll be taking two classes at a time. Would you send me some feedback as to how you would handle this load I have left before clinicals, thanks in advance!!!

    Probability & Statistics
    Organic Chemistry
    9 week CNA certification class (my decision, so I can get some experience before I graduate as an RN and I figured it would help me through my clinicals)


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  3. by   RN-2-BE
    Ya know... I'm not sure why they are having us take Organic Chem or Macro, but it is in fact a requirement (not even an elective... Lord knows I wouldn't take those two by choice, hahaha). Thanks for your response! I apologize that I posted this in the wrong discussion area, I tried to put it under student nursing... but obviously, I failed!

    Any more feedback would be greatly appreciated! Let me in on some of your experiences with some of these courses too. It's always comforting to hear other students/nurses experiences!