Night Shifts - Problem with the new Manager

  1. Dear Nurses,

    Need your advice/opinions on how to handle the following situation:
    I am supposed to return to work after being 1 year on maternity leave and a new manager scheduled me to work night shifts. In my unit if you a part timer - you get to work days/evenings or days/nights. I used to work d/e, but prior to matleave I worked full time and my schedule was different. Now I feel that I will be forced to work d/e/n both 12 and 8 hours and there is no way I can do it. My husband is an RN too and he gets activated on call few nights a week. I am going to see my manager next week and would love to hear your opinions on how to handle it. Almost all part time nurses in our Combined Care facility (L&D, Ante/Postpartum) work certain shifts - there is no contract between hospital and nurse saying that she will be doing shifts of preference.
    I am very dissapointed
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