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  1. Hi all!!
    I am a new nurse from ARIZONA and after months of trying to land a women's health position, I'm excited to say I was offered and ACCEPTED a position in high risk antepartum, I will be crossed trained into high risk postpartum and Gyn!

    I have always felt women's health is where I belong and I'm so grateful.

    I start in a couple weeks, and I've been reviewing my school notes and AWHONN has some good resources, but I was wondering what advice any of you have for a new nurse!

    I will be on nights!

    Thank you💕
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  3. by   Elliebellie84
    I recommend going over the following conditions with associated labs/diagnostics/meds, etc. I just started in a high-risk OB unit as well a couple months ago and wish I would have started reviewing before hitting the floor.

  4. by   bex3
    Great thank you!