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  1. Hi all!

    I am a new grad RN from the Phoenix AZ area. I've been trying to land a job since May. I am currently in a BSN program, but I have lost opportunities to get a position in OB because my BSN is not complete.
    The biggest hospital here (Banner) interviewed me for their new grad program, but because my passion is OB, they would not offer me anything else (even though I said I wanted anything) and now I find out that I can't have OB without a BSN. So now I can't get a job in any of their hospitals because was put on a path of OB only.

    Ive applied to everything. Medsurg, tele, peds, prison... everything. And no luck.

    I have my NRP done, I reach out to recruiters and managers. Seriously think I've done everything except sit outside a hospital hanging a sign around my neck saying "hire me".

    I need advice. And encouragement. It's becoming very defeting.
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  3. by   klone
    Can you relocate to another area?
  4. by   bex3
    Unfortunately I can't. I'm married and have children.
  5. by   bex3
    I got the job to start as on Antepartum and will be crossed trained into postpartum and gyn!
    I felt like I really had to fight for this job! And I still can't believe I got it!
    Can't wait to join all you OB/Gyn nurses!