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  1. Hello everyone!

    Fellow Soon-to-be L&D nurse here. I'm precepting on L&D in the Spring. I will be working 7p-7a 1-2 nights per week. How do you get used to this type of work schedule. This will be my first time working nights. Thanks for any tips!

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  3. by   klone
    Better living through pharmaceuticals.

    I have a prescription for Provigil, which helps keep me awake and alert during the 2am-5am slump that I have most nights. I also have a prescription for Ambien, which I take when I get home if I have to work back-to-back night shifts and I NEED 7 solid hours of unbroken sleep.

    I HATE the night shift, and while it tends to get easier over time, for most people it never gets easy. Working the night shift is associated with so many health risks (some cancer research institute now classifies it as carcinogenic) that I think we should get hazard pay, in addition to our shift differential.

    Sorry to be such a debbie downer. Good luck!