Need help reading OB jargon.

  1. I'm trying to read my records from my delivery and am unfamiliar with some abbreviation.

    What is TOCO and FTP?
    And what a surprise, I can't read the OB's writing. I am trying to read a word, "rostrepeopil" ??? I was on Pitocin at the time and the sentence reads, " If no progress in AM may need ....."whatever that says.
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  3. by   jama
    Hi! toco is the fetal monitor and ftp is failure to progress. meaning no cervical change=cesearen delivery. i'm not sure of the last maybe misoprostil? it is used to ripen the cervix for induction.
  4. by   dawngloves
    Hey thanks! I guess it could be that. Damn writing!I didn't need a c/s after all. I was on Pit for 15 hours. BLAH!