Need Help !!!!

  1. i am having really sharp pains in my right side and i thought that it was my gallbladder and went to the ER but they said that there is nothing wroung with my galbladder or liver , kidneys, or spleen know i know alot about the body from nursing school but i dont know alot about obgyn work so i was wondering if this sounded like anything that a patient has described before < i have a family history of female problems and this pain seems to come right before and during my monthly cycle> Does anyone know what it sounds like because my doctor is clueless and says to go to my obgyn but she cant see me to april so i need to know if this could be an emergancy
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I am so sorry but we can't provide medical advice. Please do call your OB/GYN MD and ask to speak to one of the nurses and see if they can get you in earlier. Please take care.