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  1. A co-worker of mine is taking Maternity class in an RN program. The instructor asked if anyone new if there was a State that does not require a newborn to have the Vitamin K injection. She could really use your help (everyone needs that little extra credit if you know what I mean)

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  3. by   canoehead
    Maine requires it.
  4. by   Jolie
    IL, KS, MO, NC, SC, and PA require it. Parents must sign a release stating their rationale if they wish to refuse it. (Wow! I never knew it would be useful to have been transferred so many times!)
  5. by   AlaskaKat
    Alaska requires it.
  6. by   rdhdnrs
    Arkansas requires it.
  7. by   KRVRN
    And California
  8. by   debbieburch
    Ms. requires it
  9. by   NewbornNurseRN
    Tennessee definitely requires it..............I can't imagine not giving that injection to a newborn.

    Sherry, RN