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  1. I'm trying to find some general information about maternity nurses and can't seem to find anything. Does anyone have an idea where I can look? Thanks
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  3. by   NorthernRN
    What kind of information are you looking for?? I have OB experience...I'll help if I can....
  4. by   ceworden
    Try this website and see if you can get some more info you may need.
    click on links, you will go to another page,click on specilities, then when that page comes up click on OB-GYN.
    Hope this helps you out.

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  5. by   jamistlc

    The web site is a good place to start!

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  6. by   kennedyj
    If you like technical discussions is a good one.

    If you want something on natural birth stuff is one

    heres a list of some links

  7. by   jamistlc