lurker with ? about my birth...

  1. Hello,

    I am an ob nurse wannabe with a question about my own daughter's birth maybe someone can help me with.

    After she was born I didn't get to hold her for quite a while, after the newborn procedures, etc. I had spoken to my midwife previously who said she always put the baby on the mom's belly after being born. I was with a friend a couple of weeks ago with the same midwife who did get to hold her baby.

    There was no distress from the baby that I know of. Even the video just shows her getting eye gel and footprints. I was fine too, other than not smart enough to say I wanted to hold the baby. Any ideas why?

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  3. by   fergus51
    That could have just been the hospital's routine. They may have thought you wanted the baby to be cleaned up before holding, or they may have been waiting until you had recovered (I don't know if you needed stitches or anything).
  4. by   KellyLynn
    Sometimes nurses hurry to get the admission process completed on the neonate and forget that bonding is the most important thing.