long enough OB orientation?

  1. I just got offered a job in L&D (cross-trained to mother-baby, antepartum, and NBN). I have no OB experience, only a yr in hem/onc. I was told that my total orientation will be 12-13 weeks. first week is hospital orientation and OB classes. 4 weeks will be mother baby/NBN orientation. The last 8 weeks will be L&D/antepartum. That being said, my home base unit will be L&D, but I will be required to do competencies on mother/baby or NBN every pay period. Does this seem like adequate orientation. I am nervous about the L&D part of oriention, that it isn't long enough. Any thoughts from those of you that have been in a similar position? Any advice? Thanks in advance.:spin:
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  3. by   MamaMadge
    I got a 6 month orientation to L & D and still felt nervous. I have co-workers who were on the sink-or-swim orientation plan and that is a lot worse! Bottom line is, make sure you have a mentor always available to run things by. Don't be afraid to tell someone if you don't feel safe! Good luck...you will love OB nursing!