l/d staffing

  1. I am interested in knowing how labor and delivery units around the country are staffing. Do you one to one your patients. How do you staff for pitocin or mag patients.
    Do you one to one epidural patients with or without induction....

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  3. by   Connie P
    I work in a level 1 small community hospital. We do approx. 450 deliveries a year. We try to staff our labor patients 1:1 when we can. Once a patient is 6 cm, we have 1:1 staffing. If the patient has an epidural, we definately have 1:1. To meet all our assessment requirements-this is a must!! We usually have 1:1 with Pitocin inductions. Sometimes we may take 2 pts. with an initial Pitocin induction until one of them is in active labor. I know we are lucky to be able to provide such staffing. To be able to meet AWHONN fetal monitoring assessment requirements AND provide labor support adequately--1:1 is a must.

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  4. by   Milenkashy
    God! That sound really good. One to one care went you are in labor..... You patient most be happy to have another baby... : )