L&D or NICU??? Practicum Help!

  1. Hello I am a senior nursing student and I have to decide on what area I would like to have for senior practicum. I have a strong love and passion for all things OB. But I am struggling between if L&D or NICU. I currently work as a student nurse in the NICU at a local hospital but I also loved my L&D clinical rotation. I recently completed a self inventory quiz provided by my advisor and both units were neck and neck on which would be a better fit for me. Any advice on which direction would be a good idea? Any nurses who have worked in both enjoy one more than the other? I really want to make the best decision! Please help!
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  3. by   katie115
    I'm a senior nursing student too, just finishing up preceptorship. I was having the same problem! I love women's health, but unfortunately I did not get placed there for preceptorship--still loving what I'm doing anyway

    I would say since you've got experience in NICU already, why not get into L&D? You'll have more opportunities to start IVs, catheters, hang fluids, reposition, etc... and these things can all transfer into your first job. I know you posted this a while ago but I hope you found your place!