L&D internship

  1. Does anyone living in Dallas know when Baylor puts up their L&D internships for June start date? I've been a nurse for about 6 years and really want to get into labor and delivery! My plan is after getting experience in L&D, to then go to grad school for midwifery just want to get the ball rolling.
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  3. by   PD82
    Have you tried applying to regular L&D positions? With your 6 years experience you should have a shot, even without women's services experience. Internships and residencies aren't going to pay you what your 6 years of nursing is worth. Hospitals like Parkland WILL consider you (I recently interviewed on their acute neuro floor with only 6 mo RN experience); if I were you I would apply to ALL of the hospitals you are interested in and see if you get any bites. Good luck!