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  1. Hello all! I’m in desperate need of some advice.
    I’m currently a BSN student in Atlanta, GA who is planning to make the cross country trip to start my “new life” in Los Angeles this fall.
    I will take the NCLEX there so will have a current CA license, but I am seeking advice when it comes to getting a job there as a new graduate.
    My senior practicum is with labor and delivery so I will have 168 clinical hours in this setting and would love to find a job in this area once I make the move, but am unsure if they hire new grads?
    In Atlanta they do, but only to residency programs, but residency programs seem to not be nearly as popular/readily available in LA as they are here.
    I realize Los Angeles is a huge area with multiple hospitals, but I am willing to live/commute based on wherever I get a job, but am unfamiliar with the hospitals and hiring process.
    Any advice?
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  3. by   GoodDay2017
    Curious if you made the trek and landed a job? CA is a pretty tough state for new grads, and tougher for out of state new grads. It certainly can be done.