Infant Nurse

  1. I was curious. Who in a hospital changes the infants diapers, feeds them, etc.?
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  3. by   CEG
    The parents!
  4. by   sweatpea23
    What if the parents can't or aren't there? Would it be a CNA, LVN, or ...
  5. by   alovelymother
    At my hospital, diaper changing is done by whoever notices the need. As a tech I can do feelings but I like to check with the babies nurse first.
  6. by   KJM10
    I agree, whomever notices the diaper needs changing will take care of it. Tech, secretary, nurse, cna...its usually a team effort unless that person is super busy with their own stuff at that moment- then they would just tell the nurse.

    If it something where we are weighing diapers, or collecting stool then they may let the pts nurse know so she can do whatever was ordered.
  7. by   obizyanka
    At my place we have 3 divisions: l&d, postpartum, and nursery. If the baby is w the mom she takes care if it. If baby is in the nursery then nursery nurse (rn) takes care of all it's needs.
  8. by   klone
    The mother/baby nurse is responsible for the baby (after the parents, of course). Our facility practices couplet care, so doesn't have a designated nursery nurse.
  9. by   sandi1743
    at many hospitals the babies are checked out and "admitted" to the hospital by the NAN (Newborn Admitted Nurse). S/he checks the babies out from head to toe and gives them their Hep B and Vit K if the parents agree. As far as feedings and changes that is usually done by the parents or whatever member of the staff that notices that there is a need.