Increasing patient census

  1. We are looking into better utilization of our occasionally underused GYN patient rooms. One possibilty is turning a room into a procedure room for ERS's. We are also thinking of admitting female med/surg patients. What would be some likely candidates for our gyn rooms? Our LDRP rooms have a fairly rapid turn over but there are times when we have no patients. Also we have a beautiful C-section OR. How would adding PPTL's to that work? We are still in the process of training our L&D staff to scrub and circulate for C-sections. Would doing PPTL's help keep up our OR skills? Our unit consists of 7 LDRP rooms, 1 private patient room, three double pt rooms and a triage room. We currently have about 550 deliveries a year and about 3-4 GYN patients a week. Thanks for the help.
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