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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Looking for some imput to a cultural project we are doing in school related to OB nursing. My clinical group has to present a project on a specific culture and how it relates to nursing in the US. We have chosen to research Muslim women, and how they incorporate their culture into the following areas:

    *Fertility and Birth Control
    *Labor and Delivery
    *Postpartum Care
    *Infant Care
    *Childrearing/parenting practices
    *Health Promotion of mothers and children
    *Effects of healthcare practices

    If there are any Muslim women who would either want to share their story, or experience; or if you are a nurse here in the US and have had to care for a Muslim woman I would appreciate any comments on your experience. My father's side of the family is Muslim, but to get a broad overview and not biased information I wanted to hear from others.

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