Gyn floor?

  1. Can someone please tell me what type of patients you get on a gyn unit and what your shift is like (excluding M/B patients)? I sort of have a basic idea that it will be hysterectomy, bladder, and D&C type of procedures? The manager said it was like taking care of C/S patients, but I am looking for specifics.. such as, what type of surgery? how long is the stay? How much of a learning curve is there? Are you running around like a chicken with your head cut-off ? Job satisfaction= a.k.a does it suck? I am trying to narrow down my decision since all 3 job offers seem about the same I enjoy learning new things, but I don't want to subject myself to misery if I can help it.
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  3. by   klone
    It's going to be more like a post-surgical unit than an OB unit.