Ft. Myers/Cape Coral Nurses

  1. I am looking into the area for a move and would love to hear form some of you!!! Please I am very much wanting to learn all I can about the hospitals. Thanks a ton!!! Please PM me or e-mail me directly marys_mama@hotmail.com .
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    I went to school in that area & did clinicals in just about all of the hospitals... do you have any specific questions?

    You may also want to try the Florida forum if you haven't already, to get the most feedback.
  4. by   alicia9178
    I just wanted to know what the hospitals are like in general...the pro and cons. I am looking at ER, OB, NICU, and Peds at Healthpark and Cape Coral.
  5. by   bagladyrn
    I'm a travel nurse and did a contract at Healthpark last year. I found it to be a really pleasant facility with good staff on the unit I was on (High Risk Antepartum). I also floated to M/B and found the staff there pleasant to work with also. The facility itself is lovely, though that 4 story glass atrium made me a little nervous when Wilma was heading in!
    By the way, Lee, HealthPark and Cape Coral are all part of one system.