1. Do you see many complications with epidurals? I myself had an epidural with delivery. It worked great. I had no complications.

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  3. by   Iris in the morning
    In over 10 years of working with women who get epidurals, I have seen only a handful have any complications - and all of them were minor.
    It's the route to take if that is the patient's choice. One obstacle is when the patient does not fully understand that it may numb her to the point of not being able to move or feel her lower extremities. I've had a few panic, and demand to have it reversed. Making sure patient understand the possible results is essential.
  4. by   LAARN
    I have worked in OB for 11.5 years and I have only seen 1 serious complication from an epidural. This patient had a repeat c-section and a narcotic epidural for several hours. She ended up with partial paralysis in one leg. She was also very heavy and a brittle diabetic. She sued and I know that a settlement was made but I don't know what the final verdict was. Otherwise, a few very sore backs and a few spinal headaches are the worst things that I have seen. I would have one in a minute!!!